The Christmas Shoes–New Song

Barb wanted The Christmas Shoes on the list. This assault on good taste has an interesting history as told on the CBS companion site for the movie based on the book based on the song based on the Internet-circulate urban legend.



In 1999, the Christmas Shoes story began circulating on the internet. The touching story about a little boy whose mother was dying at Christmas, and his quest to find the perfect pair of shoes for her to wear in heaven, came to the attention of Eddie Carswell of NewSong. Eddie began writing a song inspired by the story.


NewSong, a Christian musical group, sent its record “The Christmas Shoes” to a top DJ in St. Louis in November 2000. When he played it, the station literally shut down: the switchboard was inundated with calls and the computers crashed from the barrage of emails. With virtually no promotion, the record had 3500 spins around the country in just one week, and shot to #1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts in a record-setting three weeks.


The news media caught on to the phenomenon, and so did St. Martin’s Press. It commissioned Donna VanLiere to write a novel based on the song. The book was released in October 2001 with a 300,000 first printing. St. Martin’s released eight additional printings, but could not keep up with the demand. The book was entirely sold out two weeks before Christmas in 2001.

The song means a lot to many people and it wouldn’t be in keeping with Christmas spirit to be too mean to it, but puh-lease. This isn’t exactly O. Henry’s “Gift of the Magi,” is it?

I found a video that manages to keep things in perspective.



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