Christmas in Hollis–Run-D.M.C.

Beverly nominated this bad boy. I’m not sure that it belongs on the guilty pleasure list. Neither is Randy’s Rodeo:

These prototypical rappers were at their creative peak when they recorded “Christmas In Hollis.” Initially released on Profile Records’ Christmas Rap as well as on a 45-rpm single, the song was also featured on A Very Special Christmas. Later, it was compiled on Together Forever: Greatest Hits 1983-1991 (1991) and Greatest Hits (2002). In 1998, Arista Records released “Christmas In Hollis” on a special, clear promotional CD single (click to see) in anticipation of the group’s comeback, Crown Royal (1999).

So what’s wrong with it? Well, not much really. If we are to quibble with this track, maybe we can express some regret that they sample the superior “Backdoor Santa” by Clarence Carter.  But there is so much pure Christmas joy in this recording that it hardly seems worth quibbling.  You can decide for yourself by watching this video.


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