A Pirate’s Twelve Days of Christmas

Ed wanted this song included. You can listen to this 12 Days of Christmas Parody here. I had never heard of Gastronomical Unit, so I had to google them. Here’s how they describe themselves:

We’re a long-distance collaboration of musicians and singers, a circle of friends and acquaintances, providing a holiday-focused tongue-in-cheek collection of many contributions. The songs range from large group projects to solo pieces. We have self-produced 7 albums to date, featuring parodies, odd originals, and serious covers of familiar Christmas melodies, and blatant mutilation of others.

We try to tackle as many styles and moods as we can to create a truly diverse mix of material. The CDs contain pieces in heavy rock, jug-band, beat-nik, Jewish country, reggae, industrial, techno-pop, a capella, improv rock jam, radio drama, and more… We have a TINY (and I mean TINY ) dedicated cult following, but we enjoy sharing these nuggets of weirdness and joy with the world at large.

The “Holiday Feast” History:

In ’91 at Penn State, my roommates and I decided to record a Christmas album. We threw it together in about a week. Every two years since then, we’ve kept the tradition alive, and grown and gotten more adventurous, as well as greatly improving in skill and production value. Many people have been a part along the way. Today, we are separated by miles, but the spirit of fun now keeps getting us together.

Given the off-beat sense of humor here, I should have known that these were Penn
State guys. I think I know which AAARbys they went to.

12 Days of Christmas parodies are a Christmas genre all their own and any 12 Days parody is a guilty pleasure almost by definition. See if you can find the proud author of the one that starts this way: “On the first day of darkness, my Morgoth gave to me . . .”


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    GastroMan Says:

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry January 30th!
    Pete here, from Gastronomical Unit – Thanks for the post on our song!
    A fun bit of trivia on that… the accordion sound was actually produced by my guitar synthesizer. 😎
    I once lived dangerously close to the Aaaarby’s at Penn State. I could have hit it with a roast beef sandwich from my first apartment. However, that line was actually Sean’s (lead vocals), and he went to Rutgers. Go figure.

    But Pirate / Sandwich humor obeys no state lines….

    Cheers! Thanks for tuning in… drop by our site http://www.GastroUnit.com if your guilty-pleasure center hasn’t been saturated yet!

    Pete (aka GastroMan)

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