Santa Claus Got Stuck in My Chimney–Ella Fitzgerald

Many people will recognize this song from All McBeal but Ella recorded it first. Here is what Randy’s Rodeo says about it:

For many years, this song was one about which I’d only read. Ella’s Yuletide gynecological misadventure was, by all accounts, pretty filthy – so much so that Fitzgerald and her attorneys successfully blocked its reissue for years. Only after her death in 1996 did “Santa Claus Got Stuck In My Chimney” start to show up on CD (including Verve’s excellent Yule Be Miserable, 2003). And, it was worth the wait! There’s something about Ella’s girlish coo (or maybe it’s just my filthy mind) that turns this simple and innocent song into an orgy of innuendo. Santa, who is “fat and round,” got wedged in the poor singer’s “chimney” (heh heh) when he came (heh heh) last year, but she had such a good time (one assumes he stayed in there awhile) that she invites him to “come back to her chimney” next year. Ella sings the song, in fact, with such an absence of guile that I have to wonder if the songwriters (William Hardy and Billy Moore) didn’t pull one over on her. Fitzgerald, though, was a grown woman in her 30’s when she waxed this c**t-centric classic in 1950, and I suspect her chagrin was merely a matter of convenience as she moved into the mainstream during the coming years.

If that’s not the definition of a guilty pleasure, then what is. If you would like to hear the song (not by Ella) here is a PG-rated video.


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    douglove Says:

    Excellent research! I’ve got to link you to my 1950s May blog! mucho mistletoe

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