My Christmas Card to You

George R. suggested this track. The unofficial Partridge Family website “c’mon get happy” captures the appeal:

Surprisingly, it is one of the best Partridge Family songs ever recorded, full of rich orchestration with instruments not used on other Partridge recordings. French and English horns, recorders, bass clairinet and flutes create a decidedly holiday spirit. Written by Partridge popmeister, Tony Romeo, My Christmas Card To You also exhibits some wonderfully complex and harmonious background vocals from John Bahler and company. David Cassidy’s performance is a delight, as he sings of the fields and farms and the road to town. To hear the magic of this song is alone worth the price of admission.

Okay, that overstates the case for the song. It’s catchy, but it’s still a Partridge Family track and that provides plenty of reason to find this a GUILTY pleasure: what we were thinking about Susan Dey, what we are still thinking about Susan Dey, every Tiger magazine cover David Cassidy ever appeared on, the fact that the Partridge Family gave us Danny Bonaduce and he just won’t go away no matter how much we ask him to . . . You can see a nice montage of old Christmas Cards with the song playing here.


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