Do You Know It’s (Almost) Christmas Time?

Welcome friends.  This is my new Christmas music and recordings blog.  I am using it primarily to provide an online read-write set of liner notes for my annual Christmas compilation CD.  As the season goes along I may reflect on some of my previous efforts.  For the time being though, I will concentrate on this year’s theme: guilty pleasure Christmas recordings.  It would be a poorer world without guilty pleasure, all those things we know we probably shouldn’t like, but still find harmlessly irresistible.  A lot of Christmas recordings are like that.  In fact, I am sure that there are more than a few people who would think that all Christmas recordings are, at best, guilty pleasures.

Because guilty pleasures are largely in the eye, or ear, of the beholder, it seemed wrong to do a full CD with just MY Yuletide guilty pleasures.  So, I invited a number of family members and friends to contribute their gems.  Future entries will give credit or blame to those responsible.

If you can’t wait for the CD, the playlist is on AT&T Yahoo! Music Jukebox.  If you have that software you may be able to listen from your computer.  Happy holidays from your Christmas Leonard Pinth-Garnell.


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